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Information technology or “I.T” can be an all-consuming, ever-changing challenge for the small-medium sized business. Does your company have the capital to hire experienced, full-time personnel to manage the technological intricacies of your network needs? Most of our clients do not. Not to worry, Empire can provide the expertise and technology skills at a budgeted and manageable monthly cost. Empire can provide outsourced I.T. with in-house reliability including the following:

Computer hardware - Whether it's designing, building or maintaining your system, Empire provides the expertise and competency borne out of 30+ years of individual PCs to Enterprise level network experience and experience.

Managed servers - Configuring your Network with protection from outside forces while maintaining top efficiency is no small undertaking. Domain Controllers, File Managers, Mail Servers, Backup Servers, SQL Servers along with Routers, Firewalls, Bridges and all forms of Telecommunication must be correctly configured and maintained for your network to be safe and continue to be stable and efficient.

Managed security devices – The threat is real and continual. If your Data is important to you and I’m sure that it is, don’t leave the front door open or the keys in the lock. Your perimeter needs to be secure, doors barred and an armed guard posted. Your Data is your business… Protect it or let us protect it for you.

Back-up solutions – It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” will you need to Restore your data. Will it work? What if my Backup server is lost as well? All these questions and more will be asked and answered by us if we work on your company network.

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When it comes to I.T. support, there will be questions. Empire provides out-sourced network and computer support answers with in-house reliability and confidence.

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